Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

I was shy

19 April 2005


I was shy, the one you could never get dancing,

especially if the song turned out to be slow.

I was afraid of getting caught even glancing,

terrified my secret thoughts she might somehow know.

I knew my eyes betrayed me, the truth revealing,

I learned the necessary skill of concealing.


at first, it’s a game, with everyone concealing,

but rules kept changing faster than partners dancing.

flirting – her once innocent smile, now revealing

an open invitation, (I always was slow),

but life teaches us everything we need to know

and I quickly learned to meet her guarded glancing.


and just when I thought I knew what she meant glancing,

she’d change her mind, confusing me with concealing,

then act mad if magically I didn’t know …

and so begins the on and off again dancing

and love, like music, can be played both fast and slow

and hearts, can be just as hidden as revealing.


we risk it all, uncertain if this revealing

can ever endure beyond yesterday’s glancing.

uncharted territory means we take it slow.

we open up, learn to trust, but still concealing

we need our own space, even when we love dancing,

and finding that strange balance, we may never know.


in life, we make choices based on what we think we know,

but each moment in life has a way of revealing

there’s so much to learn if only we’ll keep on dancing.

so many things left unspoken in our glancing …

when did we learn to hide behind words concealing?

why do we rush through life and never learn to slow?


remember when I shyly refused to dance slow,

back when love and life were still things I didn’t know.

imagine different times, innocence concealing?

somewhere I stopped searching, no longer revealing

empty, staring eyes replaced the sparkling glancing —

at both ends of life, I’m still afraid of dancing.


I’ve mastered concealing – the progress has been slow.

I dream of dancing – maybe it’s too late I know,

but words are so revealing – and tears in glancing …

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