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just part

23 December 2006

Just Part



on the verge of

tears, I will not allow

myself to cry, although I don’t

know why.


It’s pride

I guess; a man

is not meant to express

his emotions or lose control

some say.


And yet

I feel so much

more than I let others

see, fooling no one, honestly,

at all.


Why do

I hide behind

my masks and my control,

sharing just part of myself, not

the whole?

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21 December 2006



“Where do you come from?”

she asked of the Sun,

“From your dark possibilities

and dreams left undone.”


“Where do you come from,

white clouds in blue sky?”

“From all you imagine,

from each questioning ‘Why?’”


“Where do you come from?”

she asked of the stream,

“From mystery and wonder,

when first you believe.”


“Where do you come from,

twinkling stars in the night?”

“From all of your wishes,

and childhood delight.”


“And where do I come from?”

she asked with a smile,

but some answers must wait,

at least for awhile.

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abecedarian based on fours

19 December 2006

Abecedarian (based on Fours)


autumn fallacies cloud

boyhood reminiscence behind

closed eyes …


dark memories hide – innocent

days, oblivious to the inevitability of

death, playfully slip through my fingers

down the unobserved sieve of Time.


dry creek beds and overgrown summer fields,

dumb games of make-believe,

earth our home, imagination an infinite frontier.


enter each secret adventure, face and defeat

evil in all its forms, be the hero,

exit into the happy-ever-after …


fast shadows creep up on me, unaware my

future becomes the Now of responsibility.


girl transforms into woman, and God said “It is not

good for the man to be alone …”

happiness is abstract and subjective.


hate becomes a by-product of life, a view from a

hill, when ascension becomes impossible and the

land below grows intolerable and

life itself loses its meaning, its purpose …


light intrudes, unwanted, into the darkness of

love – another magical fairy-tale so few truly find.


man procreates himself – I didn’t ask to be born.

needs and instinctive desires choose.


night covers my shame and my tears, like an

ocean of regrets washing up onto a forgotten shore.


open up to memory and experience the

past as a watcher, an observer, standing outside of the

pull of temptations and the

push of societal expectations and demands.


right is a direction, not a polar opposite of wrong.


sad is an emotional reaction, nothing more.


short – life seems small sometimes, yet the

sky can stretch and expand, reflecting my heart.


slow movement and change are

smart, for something is always better than nothing.


sour and sweet, separately and together entice my senses, like

spring tempered with fall, always balanced,

strong and weak, merely two sides of the same choices.


summer lulls with a mystical slowness and calming peacefulness.


sweet pleasure can only be appreciated when we know pain.


tall mountains beckon from the deepest valleys,

today breathes in and out within its self-made boundaries,

tomorrow waits, just beyond, always just beyond …


up is nonsense without paradoxical correspondence,

valley – where I experience life in all its complexities;

want is fleeting, malleable, unsatisfying.


weak, but unwilling to admit it, even to myself,

wet, but fearfully treading water forever,

winter must come, the Wheel of Life must turn, and

woman is both completion and counterpoint.


wrong is merely an excuse, after the fact … like

yesterday – and there can never be a going back.

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inbetween times

14 December 2006

in-between times


It’s those in-between times,

those empty portals of infinite possibilities

staring back at me

like eyes, full of accusations,

reflecting a depth of sorrow without words.


It’s those gut-wrenching seconds

that slowly tick past,

so quietly unobtrusive,

yet so loud, remarking about

wasted opportunities,

about potential unrealized,

about anything, something, rather than



Time is beyond my control,

I merely observe its passing.


Space is beyond my control,

I merely exist within its boundaries.


Control is about choices,

and I persist in self-deception,

believing I have both.

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with your name

10 December 2006

With Your Name


Someone else,

with your name,

immortalized themselves

in wet cement,

and I stepped

over it,

hardened by time,

yet softened

by memories.

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every 3000 miles

05 November 2006

Every 3,000 miles (you gotta change the oil)


It’s just a fact of life,

everything gets old, breaks down, wears out,

fails, rusts, stops working,

falls apart, gets dirty, erodes,

dies, wilts, tears,

rips, cracks, evaporates,

dries up, peels, disintegrates,

fades away, snaps,

dries out, molds, spoils,

rots, corrodes, depreciates,

atrophies, sags, separates,

changes, burns out, diminishes …


It’s just a fact of life,

everything becomes empty, stripped, devalued,

forgotten, outgrown, obsolete,

closed, unscrewed, detached,

diseased, negative, untrue,

clogged, plugged, meaningless,

black, darkness, impossibility,

winter …


It’s just a fact of life,

everything must be buried, reapplied, changed,

reborn, cleaned, rebuilt,

mended, recharged, discarded,

reconnected, duct taped, recycled,

fixed, refilled, glued,

refinished, healed, reinvented,

junked, rejuvenated, remembered,

opened, renewed, patched,

remade, repainted, possible again,

repaired, put back together, replaced,

thrown out, replanted, replenished,

tossed, restored, transplanted,

resurrected, unclogged, reunited,

maintained, rewired, revived like spring …

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23 November 2006



want sour earth need

enter woman today death

wet autumn yesterday tomorrow

push hate past sad

day land light pull

spring future open smart

summer dark up evil

wrong hill good night

life girl valley today

love dry happy exit

short right strong down

dumb fast sweet tall

slow closed boy winter

ocean weak man sky


(see also Abecedarian: based on Four’s)

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05 November 2006


     Walking the tracks,

     stepping from one tie to the next,

     staring down at my feet.

     A teetering balance:

     steel infinity – before, behind …

     just keep moving, even

     after the fall.

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01 November 2006



I should have known better

than to promise her forever

— it’s not mine.

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