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Now I know my

16 November 2011

Now I know my


An aging, agnostic, amnesiac

begs brothers brandishing belligerence,

come carry cohesive consternation.

Did dumbness disable diaphanous

ends? Escape elegies enduringly,

for fashion formulates fastidious

gaps, glaring guaranteed. Generations

have hurried, however haphazardly

in icy indigo isolation.

Just jagged jealousy, jeopardizes

kelp kisses. Kangaroo kaleidoscopes

lie, listless liaisons lapidify,

more madness mollifies mahogany,

not narrow, natural narcissism.

Oath obscured, orbiting ordinary

pain, papered paragraphs perpetuate

queens quarrels quietly. Quintessential

rogue remarks reprimand. Remarkably,

sex simply scintillates. Somnambulist

tastes temples, temptations transparently

used. Ugly uncertain understatements

voice vacant vagabonds’ visionary

whims. Wasted whispering,


years. Yielding yesterdays, yellowishness


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16 November 2011



I vomit words, a

symptom of an unknown ill,

an incurable disease

from which I suffer, and yet,

I must carry unto death.

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16 November 2011



I watch other lives,

others live, others love from


projecting myself

beyond a self-made prison

into existence,


fulfilling fantasies through

safe exploitation

because I can, or

perhaps, merely because, at

heart, I remain a

coward, afraid of

my own possibilities

at life, living … love.

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