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12 March 2013



100,000 songs in my iTunes,

sometimes its the music, sometimes the words,

each one speaks to me like an ancient Rune,

or poet/philosophers I have heard.

Memories triggered, a familiar face,

it is almost like I am really there,

transported to a half-remembered place,

when someone else’s words said how I cared.

Or in the angry aftermath of love,

I screamed my hurt and pain so perfectly.

And so often, a phrase is just enough

to recall that forgotten honesty.

Here’s to those prophets whose words I lived by,

May poets and musicians never die.

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Plan B

12 March 2013

Plan B


Steady, drenching rain this morning.

(of course, it’s my day off)

Apathy appears, no warning,

but who I am to scoff?


All the plans I had for today,

are ruined now, you see.

Perhaps that is the price I pay

not having a Plan B?

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