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It started singing

10 July 2008

It started singing


"When love first tasted the lips of being human, it started singing." — Rumi

Forgive me this indulgence, but I am beginning to hear singing, a song I wish to share despite everything. I’ve explored this in my journal many times I think. I am ambivalent about many questions surrounding the concept of "love", unfortunately probably still bitter and cynical, angry, hurt, and yes, perhaps even still grieving. And yet, undeniably, I believe I am humming happily to myself, perhaps even singing again.

And yet, love and fear often touch, for anything worthwhile requires risk. Our natural human frailties, such as fear, self-doubt, confusion, despair, and hopelessness — all those things we work so hard not to show in order to achieve, to be successful out there in the world are exactly the opposite of what true love demands from us. It is another paradox, one of many, that demonstrates that being vulnerable, risking transparency and genuineness with someone else is the very bedrock on which truly knowing and being known must begin. Not to garner self-pity or acquire affection by any fraudulent means, but simply to be real with someone, absolutely, unconditionally, and to allow them to be the same in return.

Everyone learns to compartmentalize — to show our strengths, the desirable and socially accepted Self not the inner compartments in which we try to hide all of our fears, weaknesses, and flaws, to say nothing of our self-doubts or our constant stream of inner dialogues that remind us that somehow or other we are ugly or unlovable or a myriad of other self-evident truths that only we seem to hear and believe.

To fall in love demands that we not only go into those deep dark caverns inside of ourselves, but we also let someone else in, openly, honestly, unreservedly, baring our souls to another. And likewise, we hope anyway, they are willing to take their own journeys inward and share themselves with us as well. That is truly what love demands, but the reality is — it is still rare!

I wish I could avoid the metaphysical, but true love, no matter what else it may or may not be, is spiritual. It is the essence (spirit) of one reaching out and connecting with the essence (spirit) of another. True love simply flows, sometimes in both directions, and sometimes, nothing can block or disrupt this, not millions of questions, or worries, or concerns, or obstacles, or anything else. But then again, sometimes all it takes is our ego to not only stifle the flow, but dry it up and end it forever. Love creates flow, naturally; ego creates walls, just as naturally.

(… to be continued)

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