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If I had my way

09 April 2013

If I had my way


If I had my way, our fairytale would begin

and we would relive each one again and again,

we’d make our stories a happy ever after,

filled with all the love and joy and smiles and laughter,

with enough hugs and kisses to last all our days —

if I had my way.


We’d have quiet moments and grand adventures too

and you would love me and I would always love you,

our heart to heart conversations would never end

and we’d share everything like the best of friends.

This is the dream I have for me and you someday —

if I have my way.

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09 April 2013



You are not perfect,

which is likely why I love

your imperfections.

I love you just as you are,

for all I see you can be.


I do not need to

change who you are to love you,

and neither do you.

Just be the you that I love,

and believe, always believe.

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Lingering Questions

09 April 2013

Lingering Questions


Can love choose to let go and break someone’s heart,

if it sincerely believes it’s for the best?

Wouldn’t it have been better to never start

than to let love grow and face this painful test?

Isn’t love stronger than what tears us apart?

Is it wrong or right, black and white, or No, Yes?

Can it be that simple to just say goodbye?

Was love really love or just another lie?

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I bet you say that to all

09 April 2013

I bet you say that to all …


I’ve said the words, to many,

believing them every time

to be true.


I’ve said the words, sincerely

expressing what I felt

in my heart.


I’ve said the words, with no guile,

never meaning to deceive

or manipulate.


I’ve said the words, honestly

meaning what I said

to each one.


But even though the words I’ve said

may be the same ones

I now say to you,


I hope that you’ll believe

that all that really matters to me,

is that they are true for you.

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09 April 2013



I’m sorry I missed you, although it’s not true,

I still miss you each moment we cannot share.

As hearts intermingle, this Oneness from two,

this separation becomes too much to bear.

I’ll not deny my heart longs to be with you,

nor hide my pain at how distance is unfair.

I will not condemn this yearning for your love,

you know these moments will never be enough.

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09 April 2013



I am still sleepy,

as birds serenade the dawn

with contagious joy.

And my own heart is singing,

as if discovering flight.

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