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Liebster Award



Thanks mindlovemisery for the nomination.

Even though I choose not to participate in these awards, I was attracted to answering these questions. I suspect I was Socrates in a former life because I LOVE questions.


When did you start writing? Was there any specific person, event, or inspiration?


03 November 1979 … I began a journal, handwritten at that time, and I have never stopped writing, journaling, songs, poetry … and everything I have written is here on my blog. I still believe originally, writing was my way of creating intimacy, both with myself, and others. And perhaps, that too has never really changed.

Aside from writing do you have other talents?


I was a musician for most of my life, dabbled in photography, and I can chirp like a cricket 🙂

What was one of the scariest things you have ever done?


Ahhhh … so many, saying "I do" … saying "goodbye" … getting caught on a two-lane railroad bridge with trains coming in each direction and

just having to stand there in between them, both inches away, as they sped past …


What do you think happens when we die? Had any near death experiences?

People cry, waste money on flowers, mourn and grieve instead of celebrating the life that was, remembering the good, sharing stories,

and honoring a loved one by living our own lives and never taking anything for granted. (near death … see above LOL)


Describe yourself in one sentence

I am every word in every book ever written, burning at 450 F


If you had a pen name what would it be?

Jason Christopher Starr


What draws you to other writers? (what sort of poems do you like)

Unpretentious talent, honesty, emotional vulnerability, an intangible ability to see and feel and get that down somehow

on paper/or screen … poems are like children, so I like poems that are conceived in love, birthed in pain, and raised to be

themselves, so the cycle may continue …


What is the last dream you remember?


I have one reoccurring dream, I am in some building, with thousands of doors, but none lead "out" and there is always the sense that I am not

alone, that someone is following me, or chasing me, but I never see anyone else. I have had this dream all of my life and it remains the most

vivid one I ever remember.


What is your favorite scent?

My first thought cannot be shared … so, I will say cinnamon.


Are you an optimist/pessimist/realist?


I am a real, pessimistic optimist 🙂 who doesn’t see the glass as either half empty or half full because I am too busy looking at life and people

to see the glass in the first place.


What is your favorite game? (board game, video game, sport whatever)


I could say chess, or Scrabble, or basketball, or dwarf tossing, but my favorite game is to encourage others to see who they are,

who they might become, even when they may not know yet.

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