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Magnet and Velcro

23 April 2013

Magnet and Velcro


She says our hearts are

like magnets,

and I savor the metaphor …


Attraction is undeniable,

but unfortunately, at opposite ends,

we repel one another

just as strongly as we are drawn together.


We can demagnetize

something that has become

magnetic, but magnets

always retain their magnetism,

unless we remove the essence

that makes them what they are.


Magnets can be attracted to,

or repelled by, other magnets

just as easily as they were to one.

And a magnet can attach itself

to so many things, but only

certain things, not everything.

A magnet, by itself,

is still a magnet.


So, I suggested,

we are Velcro, an almost

magical, interlocking


strong when attached, but

so easily pulled apart

with that characteristic ripping,

tearing, almost painful sound.


Velcro, by itself,

whether hook or loop,

is simply a piece,

one half of a whole,

useless without the other.


Perhaps love is a magnet

and you and I are Velcro?

Maybe we need both metaphors,

just as we need each other

to explain us.


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