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good enough

20 May 2013

Good enough


I was good enough

to chat with, to get to know,

to flirt with, tease, and

to gradually open up and share with.


I was good enough

to want to meet, to begin weekend

get-togethers, and support

and encourage through some of

the darkest times of my life


I was good enough

to somehow remain friends

even after I pushed you away

the first three times

and to reconnect with on

a coincidental night

not so long ago.


I was good enough

to rekindle something I was

scared to allow before,

that deeper caring that I

resisted so strongly before,

keeping you at a more

comfortable distance.


I was good enough

to be with again, to hold hands with,

kiss, touch and caress,

to let me hold you,

run my fingers through your hair,

to tickle and stroke your skin

so tenderly sometimes it left

me almost speechless,

without words to even express

what I was feeling as I

touched your skin, your face,

your lips …


I was good enough

to risk opening up to you,

more than I ever did before,

to share what I was thinking

and feeling, my past, with

as much honesty as I could,

the present struggles and future fears,

my wants and needs and desires,

and even to begin to dream

of something more …


I was good enough

to have the tables turned, to care

for you like you must have cared

for me before, only now

you are confused, filled with doubt,

endlessly asking questions and

dreaming of someone else …


I was good enough

to choose to care for you,

as strongly as I do,

to even voice my commitment

to something more serious

than anything we ever were

before to one another …


and, apparently, in crossing that

line, in caring too much, wanting

more than you, I am no longer

good enough, for you have

let me go.


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