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12 monkeys

22 June 2013



12 monkeys



(based on Wordle 114 from The Sunday Whirl)


a foreign exchange student, in the class

of answers, but the questions do not come

with an interpreter …


we lie, to the mirrors of our souls, secretly

hoping for seven years, blaming ourselves

for each jagged reflection …


emotions, too liquid, yet not solid,

ungraspable, like the most familiar gas,

inert perhaps, but never innocuous …


teetering, testing, tempting,

along the very edge of absurdity,

that thin line between …


perpetually leaving tracks, behind me,

clearly showing how I got here, where

I’ve been, no standing still, no return …


a beautiful mess, or mind, or fill in the blank

with a million other associations, the point

is simply to notice …


how many trees does it take, to define,

or qualify an area as a forest? When does

the woods become …


I used to be more complex, I tell myself,

as if I somehow need to apologize

for simplicity …


thirty-three years of word-filled files,

one soul’s journey, captured, described

imperfectly …


seeking the pale, an elusive glimmer

from within this present darkness, and

all that has enshrouded me before …

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