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Sonnet 38


23 June 2013

Sonnet 38


A few have asked, so I’ll reiterate,

In poetic form, I’ll attempt to share

the changes that have happened as of late,

the challenges and burdens I must bear.

In April, I found out I’m going blind,

I’d hoped that there was something they could do,

with injections and surgery they’ve tried,

but nothing will restore my eyes to new.

For now, I have adaptive technology

magnifiers and screen readers that speak,

I’ll keep writing as long as I can see,

although my interaction will be weak.

Please know that I appreciate each one,

who reads and comments till this journey’s done.

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23 June 2013



four a,m. I gave up on sleep,

I hate winter and summer’s heat.

Why can’t it stay just in between,

a better balance of extremes?


All or nothing’s just how I’ve been,

a see saw, on and off again,

no equilibrium it seems,

a better balance of extremes.


Moderation should be the key,

according to philosophy,

it’s not hard to see what I need,

a better balance of extremes.

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