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note to Self

03 July 2013

note to Self


To state the obvious, what we remember, we cannot forget.

It reminds me of a writing exercise, make a

list of everything you wish to remember. Anything you

do not write down will be forgotten, lost forever.

It’s really an exercise in focus, paying attention, noticing …

I am constantly in this tug-of-war, torn between wanting,


needing to hold on, and yet, wishing to let

go. Possessions, things, seem easier to detach from, at

least for me, but memories, those things I hold

on to and remember remain. It’s not that I

cling to the past, or that I continue to

torture myself with things I would be better off


forgetting, or that it is somehow wrong to wish

to remember the good. I just know for me

the harder I attempt to hold on, the less

I tend to live in, and fully focus on

and appreciate the present moment. And that is all

I really have. I should remind myself of this.

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