Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


06 July 2013




Insomnia-driven waking dreams delight,

regressing to 1975, turning twelve …

Chippewa Bay, an irresistible siren call,

darkness punctuated by more stars

than I knew existed and the eyes

that blinked and slinked away far out along

a distant uncertainty …

I hid grandpa’s binoculars under my pillow,

just in case a Leviathan bellowed,

out of loneliness, or more likely, a greeting

in passing one of its kind.

Perhaps even now,

when I restlessly rise,

pad softly to my window,

and stare futilely out into that darkness,

I am still hoping to catch a glimpse

of what has passed me by,

uttering my own mournful cry.


6 July, 2013 - Posted by | Poetry |

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