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11 July 2013

Hives (why they get the big bucks)


You have hives.


(no shit)


You are probably having an allergic reaction

to something.


(again, I think to myself, No shit!)


As the doctor inventories possibilities …

"No!" I snap, exasperated

I haven’t changed my laundry detergent,

or my shampoo or body wash,

nor am I wearing anything new

that I haven’t worn a hundred times before.


No, I haven’t eaten anything different,

or ever had allergic reactions before,

nor have I been around any pets

other than my cat, which I have had for years.


No, I haven’t been in any woods,

or barely even outside,

nor have I done anything unusual,

like dust or vacuum or whatever.


There’s no easy way

to find out what is causing them,

it could even just be sunlight.

Try Benadryl. Come back and

see me if it gets worse.


(I will refrain from saying

what I was thinking)


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