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The Challenge

22 July 2013


The Challenge


Assuming for the moment, I accept your challenge, may I

suppose I can define my own parameters? If I’m going to try

appearing to be clever, I should at least be allowed my own

determination as to what I either can or cannot condone.


Probably, the best place to begin, would be to simply ask,

scared as I might be to even attempt such a task,

can I do this? And if I think I can, what exactly do I write?

I’ll probably overthink it, trying to perfect it, keep it tight.


Dismey didn’t give me much to really work with here,

if Mary Poppins were my co-author, I’d have less to fear.

From nonsense that would make any poet proud,

barely anything would rhyme and be allowed.


Ugly made-up words by me might sound hilarious,

’til my rhyming capabilities proved precarious.

All in all. I’m having serious second thoughts

Listen, it’s not too late to just call the whole thing off?


Essentially, I’ve bit off way more than I can chew,

(stop laughing at me, it’s not a nice thing to do!)

Winning really isn’t everything you know? At least I tried

accepting your challenge, harming nothing but my pride.


Certainly it’s a good thing it was just a friendly dare,

extenuating circumstances proved too muich for me to bear.

Opportunities for mind-boggling puzzles such as this

rise only occasionally, and never should be missed.


Failure sometimes may be good for the Ego, and the soul,

always winning surely can never be one’s goal

since perfection’s unattainable, there’s a balance to be learned.

Admitting surrender isn’t always a weakness I’ve discerned.


So permit me to bow out gracefully and say,

school’s out, I’ve had enough lessons for one day.

Finishing your challenge would have put you in your place,

however, one also must sometimes beg for mercy and grace.


Just in case you’re gloating, and you’re sure you’ve won,

use each second letter in each line … this challenge is done.


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