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outgrowing pains

23 July 2013

outgrowing pains


I’ve put on weight,

a little, just around my middle,

just enough to suspect.


Nothing I own fits,

my legs must have lengthened,

because it’s much harder to reach

my shoelaces now for some reason.

Maybe I should exercise more,

okay, fine, exercise period, but …


I am a pro when it comes to

excuse-making, rationalizing, and

justifying nearly anything BUT

my excuses, my rationalizations,

and my justifications.


And even in an unguarded moment

of self-loathing, I shift my focus,

philosophize, and consider:

we all outgrow — clothes, interests,

relationships, habits, tastes, and

on and on and on …


I still should exercise of course,

but I can now ponder all manner

of outgrowing pains while I am

making excuses …


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