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at my age

24 July 2013


at my age


Nearly the big Five-O, I face it without care,

apathy controls my soul, each day is just a day

another chance to reminisce, this journay to Nowhere


I wanted to die tragically, while I was still young,

while the dreams of things I wished to do

still outnumbered those I hadn’t done


Before the flame of youth became a dying ember

and the warmth of hope was cooled by frail realities

disillusioned by a lack of vision beyond Decembers


The question’s not wrong, What’s it like to be your age?

but my answer’s dark, like a brooding expectant sky

or after the applause on a silent, darkened stage


to be forever young, has never been my desire,

too much of life I would just as soon forget

more than anything I think, age and memories conspire


to torment us just a little more each day

and regardless of who wins, or if I lose

at my age, I’m just really tired of playing games.


written for We Write Poems http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/prompt-166-whats-it-like-to-be-your-age/



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