Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

as Congreve said

01 August 2013

as Congreve said


"music has charms"

some bass lines, (Another one bites the dust)

guitar riffs, (Walk this way)

certain guitar solos, (Hotel California)

a select few drummers (Neil Peart)

passionate solo piano, whether it is

labeled New Age (David Lanz)

or jazz (Diana Krall)

even some classical pieces,(theme from

The Young and the Restless ??)

emotional vocals,(Martina McBride/Independence Day)

well-crafted lyrics in any genre,

certain styles of electronic music,

mostly where less is more, (Robert Rich)

skill on almost any instrument

as long as it expresses something

more than mastery and technique,

"to soothe a savage breast."

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