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good to be home

31 July 2013

good to be home


Millions of cars and trucks,

rushing here and there,

each with its own vocabulary, its

own inner marching band blaring

from open windows.


A rushing stream, people rushing

here and there, chattering like

breathless auctioneers, to themselves,

to others, or just talking even though

no one is really listening to them.


And the constant barrage of one-sided

conversations we are forced to eavesdrop on,

and music "shared" involuntarily, cell phones

going off, and the entire rainbow of every

possible reaction and response from the

sea of humanity, from sickly sweet to

downright rude and uncalled for.


Maybe I am just getting old, but

I remember mom always said,

"It’s good to be home." after going

anywhere for almost any reason.

I am beginning to understand.


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