Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

a darker shade of pink

06 August 2013

a darker shade of pink


light, not green, nor yellow,

or district, and in the face,

seeing, angry associations,

my love is like a … rose,

for roses are, my love,

at night, sailor’s delight,

like sails in the sunset,

delicious, as in apples, or watermelon,

means stop, like the sign,

or passion, heat, fire, hot.

A childhood game, though not

Simon Says, of rubies and lips, or wine,

fire engines, warning, like sky

in the morning, and Valentine’s,

eyes, get the … out, Visine,

nonstop flights, errors,

the dreaded F at the top of your paper,

or the bottom line, being in the …

What’s black and white and … all over?

And blood. Or the Sea. Lipstick on your collar,

stilettos and lingerie, or meat, rare,

coincidental proximity of associations.

That dot on the map that says:

You are Here.

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