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how I met your mother

07 August 2013


how I met your mother



(not really, but it is still a cute story about my first “date”)



my Sophomore year, late October football game,

too cold to even sit and watch the game,

I tagged along with friends, trolling as it were,

for anyone they thought might show an interest.


Teeth chattering, hands freezing, toes numb,

it didn’t even matter who was playing, or the score,

few really came to see the game anyway.

I was never sure why I went along at all.


Randy was suave, popular, uninhibited, and Corey,

well he was a legend, who struck out more than

Babe Ruth ever thought of going down swinging.

I was the shy, quiet type who’d never talked to a girl,


much less even looked at one — ok, I looked.

It was a setup, from the beginning. Three girls,

three guys, too damn cold to even argue.

Sadly, as soon as we were paired up, we split


up, Randy, Corey and their “dates” going off

and leaving me with Cheryl, my very first date,

We kept walking, around and around the stadium,

trying to stay warm, on a first name basis.


We shared hot chocolate, mittens, and laughed

at each other’s chattering teeth each time we

tried to talk. At the end of the game, her dad

showed up to take her home.


We had spent most of the second half cuddling

to try and stay warm, which was very hard to do

while still trying to keep moving so we didn’t freeze.

And then, she had to leave, like Cinderella.


In my innocence, I let her go, with just a goodbye,

no hug, no kiss, I didn’t even know her last name.

But then, she hesitated and dropped something on the ground,

just before she clmibed in the car and waved.


After they had pulled away, I ran. Of course,

she scrawled her phone number with “call me”.

I never did find Randy or Corey that night,

but I walked home smiling and never felt the cold.


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