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09 August 2013

Move It


(with a nod to MJ and Weird Al and a special mention for Aurora Morealist for the inspiration, who is moving it, but definitely doesn’t need to for any of the reasons mentioned below)


you aren’t the biggest loser,

but you’re getting close,

you can’t tie your sneakers

and you need new clothes

you couldn’t bend over

to touch your toes,

you better move it

just move it.


you used to do yoga

like a pretzel, man

why you let yourself go

I just don’t understand

don’t you think it’s time

you came up with a plan

to move it,

just move it?


Move it, move it,

get up off the couch and do it

you don’t have to be a triathlete

just move your arms,

just move your feet,

just move it,

just move it.


Just a little stretch

we can start off slow,

not everyone can be

like Iron Man you know,

but you’ll be surprised

how good you will feel,

I wanna see you sweat,

and I wanna hear you squeal

so move it,

just move it.


I’m thinking you need somebody

to kick your ass

it won’t be hard to find

since it’s so damn fat

you think you had it tough

in Marine boot camp

you better move it.

Just Move it.


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