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moved to tears

10 August 2013

moved to tears


I can be emotional.

Strange things move me to tears,


I cried the first time I saw

the ocean, even at midnight …


I cried as a pre-teen, staring

at Niagara Falls …


I cried at my own wedding …


I cried, then panicked, when

my wife calmly announced her

water broke …


I cried at the birth of daughter

number two as well, with

slightly less panic …


I cried when my older sister died,

then dad, and then mom, with

hardly enough time to grieve one,

let alone all three …


I cried when I was served

my divorce papers and again when

the final decree came in the mail …


These days, I cry at almost anything,

sappy movies, some of my cooking,

the weather report, a song on the radio,

someone else who is crying, inside or out,

and sometimes, for absolutely no reason

at all …


I’m just grateful that for now, something.

anything, still moves me to tears.

At least I know I can still feel.


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