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intolerance at 347 am

20 August 2013

intolerance (@ 3:47 A.M.)


Why are their rights

to impinge on my rights

met with a patronizing lecture

on my lack of tolerance?


They get to do whatever

the hell they want to do,

regardless of who it disturbs,

or the fact that it goes on

night after night,

until three or four in the morning,

and the Police tell me

I should not call them

to complain and just learn

to be more tolerant?


Perhaps Justice is blind,

but Her hearing

is as acute as mine,

and Her sense of fairness

and Her belief in equal rights

for both sides remains impartial.


And no one would try to tell Her

to just be more tolerant. She doesn’t wield

Her sword because it matches Her outfit.


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