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the murder wall

30 August 2013

the murder wall


I bought mine used, you know,

to try it out first. I didn’t

want to fork over all that

money if it wasn’t really what

I wanted. It came with a

strict No Refunds, No Returns policy.

It came unassembled of course, but

who can read all those foreign

language instructions anyhow? Setting it up

was a breeze, and like anything

new and exciting, I had to

try it out right off the

bat. It worked like a charm.

But I am glad I went

with a used one because I

can see already the novelty wears

off quickly. It was really great

at first, and I used it

often, enjoying putting it to use.

Now, it just kind of ends

up being something I just use

to throw my dirty laundry over

and have to move all the

time when I vacuum. The problem

is no one wants them, even

cheap. If I could sell it

I would, but even the Goodwill

stores do not want them. It

will end up in a garbage

dump like so many other things.

Last chance, anyone interested in a

slightly used murder wall, going cheap?



(written for Mz Quickly’s)


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