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hands on art

02 September 2013

hands on art


I went to the art museum

though most things I couldn’t see ’em

I tried to get touchy

was punished quite roughly

her sculpture wasn’t quite free then?

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02 September 2013



Have I ever

truly found

a love worth



Never mind,

don’t answer



Sometimes, I

ask questions when

I already know the




wish I


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fourth floor ward

01 September 2013

fourth floor ward


(for The Sunday Whirl #124)


well-oiled floors disguise their approaching footsteps

but after awhile, no one is fooled anymore.

Whispered lost, always on the very fringe of imagination

drives a dagger of doubt into the most stubborn.

Feathery shadows, wisps of uncertainty, play Hide-n-Seek

like inky blots revealing themselves only to you.

An uninvited spark, visits hallways and rooms despite

sophisticated electronic locks and surveillance cameras.

You quickly learn to withhold the whole truth, because

only the insiders believe and no one can sway the others.

Lately, I see scarlet nearly everywhere I look, and they laugh,

amused to suggest I am just dreaming in color, wide awake.

I smile, knowing it is close, something is close. In silence,

I wet my dry, cracked lips. The doctor shoots ne a perplexed,

almost worried look as I begin to laugh.

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01 September 2013



with unrehearsed steps, I pace the aisle in darkness

each bitter breath condemning the child to darkness


the song she sings so innocently during play

reminds me of another beguiled by darkness


we meant to chase the sunset hand in hand once more

our words like hard to swallow vile whispered darkness


sweet grass gently sways, an invitation to dance

although unaccompanied, I smile through darkness


a bridge to memories begins to slowly fade

I peer for awhile into the foggy darkness


free and unbroken, I ran simply for the joy

long before I knew fears waited in wild darkness


But who is like God, declaring let there be light,

in the end will I be put on trial for darkness?

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01 September 2013



in a world of grays

I can only see contrast,

just shadows and forms

of unforgotten details

and imperceptible shades.

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