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natural selection

13 September 2013


natural selection


It started in a bar one night
eavesdropping on the guys

discussing which woman they’d choose,

I laughed until I cried


Daphne and Velma seemed to me

to be a bit unfair

but Ginger and that MaryAnn

caused arguments to flare


Then Marcia or the Partridge girl

caused even more debate

and this went on all night it seemed

the novelty was great


But then some women overheard

and started their own game

at first it was just all in fun

but somehow it all changed


Guys and girls egged on jealousy

tempers began to flare

somehow it became personal

and no one could compare


The crowd thinned out, most left alone

I thought about the night

the evolution of a choice

proved no one would survive.


So many people are lonely,

no one needs perfection

is love really nothing more than

natural selection?


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