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Doctor’s office decorum

06 January 2014


‘Doctor’s office decorum’

There is always that woman, the one with 2.5 kids, who manages to continuously text with one hand while intently reading a tattered, six-month old copy of Good Housekeeping through gawdy Sophia Loren sunglasses, while fidgeting nonchalantly (as if no one notices her cross and uncross her legs forty-seven times.)

Or the gentleman in the obviously tailored suit who sighs loudly and checks his watch precisely every three pages of Car & Driver, which he is reading upside down incidentally, but of course, no one notices that until he clears his throat in an over-exaggerated manner which he apparently hopes the receptionist will notice, but she’s too busy.

Or the lady, and I use that term very loosely, who has managed to answer seventeen cell phone calls in less than ten minutes, all of whom are treated to an insanely loud diatribe featuring her latest acquired gossip, or worse, intimate details of her most recent personal encounter with a member of the opposite sex. And I am not sure which is worse, her slathered on lipstick smile as she notices that others may just have overheard her, or her laugh that would make even Fran Drescher cringe.

And then there is the twelve (almost sixteen) year old girl who is slumped down in her chair, cell phone-less, impatient, and looking like she may have raided her laundry basket to enhance her disheveled look, to appear more pathetic, sicker … like it is going to kill her if she has to wait even five more minutes. After all, she has to get back to school. Right?

Oh, and there is always someone, usually sitting closer to the corner with one available seat to his right, even though there are eleven people standing and leaning against the wall or pacing back and forth. Now, he actually looks sick.Iin fact, he is the one you look at and wonder if perhaps he has died, right there in the waiting room. His eyes are closed and no one is really sure he is even breathing, but no one bothers to check either.

And me? Well, to be honest, I feel perfectly fine. I don’t even have an appointment – I am just  taking my lunch break. Even doctors need to eat sometimes you know.

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