Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

of windowed fish and circles

25 February 2014


Jade chandeliers illuminate

an insulated smile,

scattered mourning, so cavalier,

weather like a spoiled child.

Plague plucked portents from ancient texts,

no albatross in sight,

impotent wings have no effect,

to flee or free in flight.


Whispering messengers foretell,

what’s difficult to hear,

yet some accept the quest so well,

while others only fear.

Mysteries morph to playful tales,

journeys to metaphor,

no knights seek out the Holy Grail,

purgatory’s no more.


We tumble through ten thousand dreams,

utter guttural words,

dismissing all we don’t believe,

as insane or absurd.

Mindless pessimism defines

windowed fish looking out,

reflecting on the sea’s design,

we ask, “What’s it about?”


Layer by layer, we have peeled

away Wisdom’s disguise,

and yet, with all that’s been revealed,

we’re always still surprised

by tornados and hummingbirds,

by a scribbling whirlwind,

by balancing our thoughts and words,

arriving where we begin.




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