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27 February 2014



belief –


for all those still looking,

unspeakable joy for those who

have found.



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like a caterpillar’s conundrum

27 February 2014



I wish there was a magic pill sometimes

to change my life,

a magic wand, or gods I could implore,

an ancient lore,

a secret that no one’s ever told me

that could change me.

But there’s no shortcuts to the other side;

you’ve gotta climb.

The hardest path is always the way through,

it’s sad but true.

There’s no one who can change me from without.

It’s all about

me choosing to do whatever it takes.

Make no mistake,

the only real changes come from within.

And that, my friend,

is the hardest thing we will ever do,

begin anew!



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27 February 2014



this flesh is less than who I am,

a truth most do not understand,

we judge with unsubstantial eyes,

believing our own lies.


a life of bright and fancy free,

contends with my simplicity,

I’ve no desire to live on stage,

like someone on display.


contentment burns, a fire so pure,

it needs no glamour or allure,

what matters most is what’s inside,

I’ll never compromise.


refine my spirit and my soul,

let others chase their worldly goals,

their superficial fantasies,

will never set them free.


when I cast off this mortal coil,

the pointlessness of all my toil,

the sole reward I hope to see,

is I was always me.



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