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01 March 2014



“What the …” I muttered, not finishing the thought out loud.


It was night, but the fuzzy glow of a few streetlights revealed enough for me to tell I had no idea where I was. A sidewalk, on an unknown street, in a neighborhood I did not recognize.


I shivered slightly. It was snowing, softly, in big fluffy flakes that fell on my face and hands. I heard footsteps, behind me, casually walking away.


“Hey, excuse me,” I shouted, just loud enough for the stranger to hear.


He stopped and turned, but neither spoke, nor moved.


“I was just wondering sir, if you could possibly help me. I seem to be lost.”


I heard him shuffle back towards me, accompanied by an all too familiar sound. You see, even though I could not make any sense of where I was, or how I got here, I knew that back and forth tap tapping sound as intimately as he probably did. It was then I laughed, realizing he and I were both blind, the blind leading the blind.


(written for Kellie Elmore’s FWF prompt)



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