Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

whirling wordle 150

02 March 2014



(for The Sunday Whirl, each poem is meant to represent, in order, the following words: assault, cage, double, easy, fuel, guess, list, mercy, six, trigger, type, where)



it’s intentional,

what we do and what we say,

to harm another.


I still don’t get it,

this need to capture, to keep,

what are we proving?


my doppleganger,

can be blamed for whatever

you assume I did.


there is no such thing,

but, no one ever promised

you that it would be.


there are days when the

best that you can hope for is

a near by off ramp.


Don’t say, “I don’t know.”

so you won’t have to be wrong.

Like questions,

there are no stupid answers.


my thoughts, bulleted,

endlessly I organize,

things I never do.


a gift, undeserved,

the power to demonstrate

the unexpected.


a shooter, or the

number of the Beast they say,

an inverted nine?


the cause, something pulled,

that button someone pushes,

to get a response.


Sorry, you’re not my …

so, what exactly is your …

do you stereo …


no … is not like some …

and any … ‘s indecisive,

be … ‘s homophonic.



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