Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

man up she said

11 March 2014



women say

about 20,000 words a day,

but most men make do

with less than a few

preferring to nod and grunt.


women need to

feel close to you

but some men want that closeness too,

not just sex to be blunt.


share what you feel, get emotional, cry,

sometimes they don’t even know why,

but we’re to be strong, always in control,

it’s our job to comfort and hold.


and affection is theirs,

‘though they want us to share,

and listen, and not interrupt,

but tease and call names,

I feel no shame,

for not always wanting to man up!


I don’t act like a real man,

I’m different, I understand,

but I am genuinely me,

my heart is gold,

I’m sensitive I’m told,

and yes, I even write poetry.


So don’t tell me to man up

I don’t have to pretend,

to be what you think I should be

ever again.


Is my point well taken?

I don’t even care,

I’m happy with who I am,

even if it is rare.




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