Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


23 March 2014



too light for Charon’s ferry,

I tarry, with worthless gold,

I’m told, no one returns

or earns their way out

of these Shadowlands.


No one speaks, of he

who seeks, who pursues,

a shadowy hue, always behind,

yet disinclined to apprehend.

I tend to fear standing still,


yet will my steps forward,

back towards uncertain

curtains and shades,

paths I’ve made,

always running away.


I’m caught between

unredeemed and damned,

I am lost, tears of

frost and fire,

desire unfulfilled,


I still am chased,

but not abased enough

for love to save or curse,

and what’s worse, no hand

offers to guide me

from these Shadowlands.




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