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just believe

26 March 2014



Just believe against your persistent doubt,

that someday, somehow, good will come about,

that happy ever after fairytale

by faith, will beat the odds and you’ll prevail,

you do deserve more than you have received

just believe.


We love, we hope, so much remains unseen,

it’s hard sometimes to hold on to your dreams.

But hearts may die if they live in the past,

who knows what could be, might be, as long as

you don’t give up, be willing to receive,

just believe.




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26 March 2014



woke up to Winter’s defiant last breath,

absolute whitening, with little depth.

March winds, true to form, howl in their fury,

no plea bargain, no favor to curry.

The wind clears the sky, the sun tries its best,

beaming its warmth at Winter’s stubbornness.

Even the trees shake off unwelcome white,

and wriggle green with such childish delight.

Someone is cranky, it’s time for a nap,

six months or so, and then you may come back.

And mothering Spring sings a lullaby,

as off to slumber Winter cries and sighs.

His tears become streams and rain on the earth,

all hearts rejoice at the joyful new birth.


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