Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


04 April 2014



I could wriggle and squirm into this gap,

and horrified, find, there is no way back.

A crawl space ahead, large enough to breathe,

I must remain calm, not let myself seethe.


The water erosion should be a sign,

another way out, a path I must find.

I must keep my head clear, a concept learned,

survival’s not chance, but has to be earned.


I got in here, there must be a way out,

but pulsating panic fills me with doubt.

When my head lamp died, when tilting rocks loomed,

I thought of my lover, knew I was doomed.


I dug at the rocks till my fingers bled,

then painted her name in blackness, in red.

One dare too many, this hole in the ground,

I’ll never get out, I’ll never be found.



( inspired by 1sojournal word list )




4 April, 2014 - Posted by | Poetry |

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