Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


05 April 2014



zip across forever,

suspend disbelief as

the waterfall plunges,

spraying diamonds

into prismatic rainbows.


strap in, be tough,

the only barrier is fear;

swing across, between

like perfectly ironed pleats.


Understand power is

never truly measured over, but rather

with, in unity.

Truth lies in the details.



(written for The Sunday Whirl)



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who’s afraid of

05 April 2014



yesterday’s tomorrows fade as if she

knows even an untamed stray purrs.

howling wolves squeeze between gaps in the wind,

frightening trees to drop leaves they’ve carried.

What was meant by her brief passing, her scent,

her touch that I couldn’t run away from?

Should I fear her, the wolves, or the many

beautiful distances, measured in miles?

Sorcery keeps me from running away,

frozen, without the instinctual triggers.

I’m prey either way, destined for something

which needs no explanation, it’s primal.

Whether her, or them, I have made it in;

there’s a purpose, a plan, which includes me.

Even if I was given a choice, I

would die silently, not even a roar!



(written for NaPoWriMo Day 5 prompt)



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bones don’t lie

05 April 2014



stiff today

from yesterday’s rain,

age is age.

Numbers are irrelevant,

but bones don’t lie, bones don’t lie.



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of lists and the old mare’s blanket

05 April 2014



Oh yeah, I could give you a list, a list a country mile long, a list like grandma crocheting a potholder, which ended up being a blanket for the old mare, out in the barn. Yeah, that kind of a list. A list I have rehearsed and rehashed, memorized, and added to over and over again. A list that defines everything that ever went wrong, is wrong, and will always be wrong about me, about my life, about the world I inhabit. Yeah, exactly, one of those kinds of lists!

But you know what? There is another list, a much shorter, simpler list. It simply says, “Yes, I will love you again.” For now, both lists coexist and life is all about choosing which list I will check off, right now, in this moment. And the next … There will always be things I could add to the longer list. That’s the list of overthinking, of not doing anything. I may never succeed in always choosing the shorter list, the To Do list, but the horse doesn’t need another blanket. Yeah, I choose to love you again, to live … to live.



written for Kellie Elmore’s FWF



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blind faith

05 April 2014



I am blessed,

even though I cannot see

exactly how sometimes.



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just over there

05 April 2014



knowing it’s there,

a river I cannot reach,

still refreshes me.



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