Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

so long ago the kingdom

15 April 2014



I cling to my rights to sing this song,

words I’ve known by heart

far too long.


A pallid glory, performance art

as shadows scurry,

and depart.


love can become its own drudgery,

given, not received,

mere theory.


as children, we’re brought up to believe,

visions, fairy tales,

never grief.


pay our debts, for all the ways we fail,

these liquid towers,

oceans sailed.


second sight, impregnable power,

as the black crow flies,

dancing hours.


spiral kinks, remembering goodbyes,

that lump in your throat,

green, yet wise.


a simple spell, uncrossable moat,

underbelly shows,

cast your vote.


dragons fall, a brother’s broken nose,

make your bed and lie,

as myth grows.


each tossed pebble ripples by,

nothing left to say,

eye for eye.


these games I no longer care to play.




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