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I don’t wanna play

19 April 2014



it is our turn to hide,

your turn to seek,

ghosts whispered between

perception and dream.

the Door remains open,

the search may take years,

you may find you give up,

but you can never leave.



written using the new word list at 1sojournal’s



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but inside …

19 April 2014



I grab respectful silence to mask the cynical,

adorn a fallen countenance with smiling tolerance,

I writhe at hypocrisy, the lukewarm nakedness,

but inside …


a hard-earned cape of wisdom covers burdened shoulders,

balancing personal truth against sincere faith,

I feel no need to impose, nor erode another’s attire,

but inside …


I’ve wrestled with angels, lost all but a limp,

I’ve spoken in tongues, heard the still small voice,

I’ve died, been raised, been a wanderer who never sees,

but inside …


I’m still a slave, at the mercy of my master,

envious of what others receive by faith,

outwardly I show no signs,

but inside …


I have the accouterments to dance with any whirlwind,

the knowledge to plumb any depth,

consummate skills to portray whomever you wish me to be,

but inside …



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19 April 2014



(for mom … still)


because it was expected,

and because I wanted to,

I’d wish you Happy Birthday,

tell you I love you.


each year you would remind me

but I never did forget,

and even in your absence

I still do … and wish.



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