Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

but inside …

19 April 2014



I grab respectful silence to mask the cynical,

adorn a fallen countenance with smiling tolerance,

I writhe at hypocrisy, the lukewarm nakedness,

but inside …


a hard-earned cape of wisdom covers burdened shoulders,

balancing personal truth against sincere faith,

I feel no need to impose, nor erode another’s attire,

but inside …


I’ve wrestled with angels, lost all but a limp,

I’ve spoken in tongues, heard the still small voice,

I’ve died, been raised, been a wanderer who never sees,

but inside …


I’m still a slave, at the mercy of my master,

envious of what others receive by faith,

outwardly I show no signs,

but inside …


I have the accouterments to dance with any whirlwind,

the knowledge to plumb any depth,

consummate skills to portray whomever you wish me to be,

but inside …




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