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nothing but words …


25 April 2014



steady, soaking rain,

no rhythm in the droning,

wordless prayers answered.

as needful as the earth’s thirst,

I am also blessed.



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let sleeping dragons lie

25 April 2014



“ … let sleeping dragons lie”



Your world has become my padded cell,

for a dragon’s soul cannot be encompassed by

limitations and definitions.


You’ve locked me into deepening shadows,

where my once fiery breath no longer blazes.


I cannot sail on the wind in these chains,

but you have not conquered me.


I bide my time, of course,

believing no one hides a dragon forever –

and someday you’ll learn,

you should have let me lie.



written for http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/



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25 April 2014



you hold me too tightly, don’t allow me to breathe,

force me to say what you want, then complain when I bleed,


you compare me unfairly, no glitter, no gel,

just black and blue uses, you’ve inflicted so well.


I’m dizzy and tired, you twirl me too much,

I feel drained, used, and shrink from your touch.


I thought I was cherished, special to you,

but the way that you treat me, that cannot be true.


I’m neglected, abandoned, or worse, sometimes shared,

our relationship’s dying, I believed you cared.


I’ve listened and been there through your darkest times,

but your attention’s been turned, I’m just tossed aside.


I know you expect me to just dry up and die,

I’ve been replaced, you don’t have to lie.


Someday you’ll miss the way that it felt,

when we were together, the stories we’d tell.


I know it’s the end, but before I’m ignored,

just remember that I am mightier than the sword.



written for http://kellieelmore.com/2014/04/25/fwf-free-write-friday-personification/



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25 April 2014



“Find the joy” advice oversimplified,

angers me because of all that it implies.

Have you heard anything that I have said?

You dismiss my feelings, philosophize instead,

dangling epigrams, wisdom you employ –

find the joy.


Imperatives don’t take into account,

the vagaries of my despair and doubt,

thoughts and feelings I wrestle with each day,

just wave a magic wand and it’s okay.

Don’t patronize me like a little boy,

find the joy.



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