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The Great Debate

28 April 2014



The drummer is amazing,

and the bass line is cool,

the guitar riffs rock,

but this guy can’t sing,

the lyrics are lame,

this band could be good.


These days, you have to be better than good,

although sexy seems to beat amazing,

which I think is totally lame.

Musicians used to be cool,

people who really could sing,

back when rock was rock.


today’s music isn’t rock,

and less and less of it is any good.

autotuned and processed just to sing,

who needs talent if you look amazing?

images and gimmicks, trying to be cool,

computers make the music, how lame.


kids think I’m old, say my music’s lame,

they can’t sing and dance to rock,

it’s not popular or cool,

but they don’t know what is good.

Listen to that guitar solo, it’s amazing!

Listen to those lyrics, this guy can really sing.


No one has to really sing,

when did music get so lame?

When did scratching a record become amazing?

How can you say a computer really rocks?

How can you even think this modern stuff is good?

When did stupidity become cool?


Yesterday’s new is no longer cool,

after a few drinks, anyone can sing,

what you call old, I still say is good,

and what you say is good, I say is lame,

we both think  our music rocks

times haven’t changed much, which is amazing.


Music’s amazing, no matter what’s cool,

some bands really rock, some people really sing,

some music’s always lame, and some’s always good.



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blame Plato

28 April 2014



Stirred by curiosity and need,

I stood upright, left the shadows in the cave.

In wandering, there is wisdom,

whether out there, or within.

I burn with newly discovered fire,

and evolve.


Who I am germinates, evolves,

a ceaseless war between desire and need.

Drawn by a distant mountain’s beacon fire,

I forget the cave,

and navigate the labyrinth within

to taste the sweet marrow of wisdom.


Journeys teach trust in our own wisdom,

although, sadly, many never do evolve.

It’s dangerous, so easy to get trapped within,

to gorge on one’s introspective need,

seeing dancing shadows on the walls of our caves,

never daring to walk through the fire.


Destructive, yet purifying, we learn to respect fire,

often confusing accumulated knowledge for wisdom.

Perspective broadens beyond our sheltered caves.

We clothe ourselves – abandoning nakedness to evolve,

losing that balance between trust and vulnerability we need

to facilitate the alchemy that must occur within.


The wisest know they can control only what’s within,

one may use but never master earth, air, water, and fire.

Each follows their own path, discovers their own need,

discards absolutes embracing sufficiency in inner wisdom.

Tolerance, without judgment, interconnectedness evolves,

unity as the higher good, not attachment to our individual cave.


It’s safer, much easier to never leave the cave,

but some can’t silence the endless questions within

and like restless wandering ghosts, they must evolve.

It is never arrogance, some sense of superiority which feeds this fire,

but an insatiable thirst to find our own meaning, purpose, and wisdom,

something that truly meets our soul’s needs.


There will always be caves; there will always be fire,

journeys within for seekers who seek wisdom,

and the few who choose to evolve, to illuminate our need.



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