Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


17 May 2014



I am thin at this altitude,

breathing labored,

this forced panoramic view

of chaos

a disaster just waiting to happen.



An enduring question,

for most people a curiosity,

but for a few – a necessity.


And for many,

adroit at plastic answers,

the few who knead the bread,

who sip only from alabaster cups,

are shunned,

deemed unredeemable

for not settling for conformity.


Many could see,

in graphic detail,

but few, if any,

ascend or question.


Many come,

seeking answers from,

but leave dissatisfied with

the answer they receive.

Only a few depart

with wisdom’s planted seed.


Mine eyes have seen,

in gentle humility,

merely because I choose

to ask, to listen,

and to see.



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