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I still love you

19 May 2014



“what have I done to deserve this?

I really did care for you

why must you punish me like this?

my only crime was loving you”


“Loving You” (chorus to a song I wrote back in the 80s)



I still love you, if you are reading this.

Faithful silence makes the best accomplice,

like partners in crime, loot hidden away,

buried treasure, kept for some future day,

deathbed confessions revealing the truth —

I still love you.


Maybe it’s time to finally admit,

I’m guilty deep down, I never did quit.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again,

the punishment’s worse than the crime I contend.

I’ve served my sentence, but this much is true –

I still love you.



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18 May 2014



purple’s too pale, more like lavender;

but darker shades I cannot see.

Afraid to change appearances,

I pretend that all’s the same.

No one notices me,

soul behind these words,

back on display –


for my






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18 May 2014



Mirror reflection’s too superficial,

except no one understands if I try to explain

my resemblance to Narcissus runs much deeper.

Yearning, indeed, love of self, should never get lost in arrogance,

sublime as that temptation might be.

Endearment, to one’s self not another,

layers of delusion sprinkled with flecks of truth,

fulfills a deep-seated need,

a need I so often

never learn to satisfy within myself.

Damn that need in all of its complexity!

I seek only the admiration of myself.



written for prompt 18 Pooky’s



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