Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

on second thought

21 May 2014



pouring morning rain,

birds, undaunted, still singing,

I go back to sleep.



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this silent lie

21 May 2014



You wound me not with words like daggers thrust,

but more with silent judgment, broken trust.

Piercing eyes reveal all you will not say,

inflicting pain more slowly that way.

The agony of distance, sharp, defined,

unscaleable walls, exclusion refined.

Merciless misery, punishment’s glee,

torture from which I can never be free.

Death would be welcome if this torment ends,

too slowly I suffer, die, and descend.

No hope of atonement, you‘ll never forgive,

in your tomb of darkness I cannot live.

Break my legs, crucify me, let me die,

it’s better than living this silent lie.



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