Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

first smile (revised)

21 June 2014



The language of numbers,

muffled by crumbling sidewalks —

hopscotch carefully.

Avoid the power of suggestion,

Mother’s back safe,

for the moment.


Which is more than I can say

for dandelions gone to seed,

whose existence begs

for wanton stomping.


Childhood rites,

a rope swing over a swimming hole,

sizzling hot dogs over an open fire,

or the mustard it took to shyly say hello

to a friend of a friend’s sister

that very first time …


Like stones,

skipped across a pond at dusk,

innocence loses momentum,

slips below the surface,

lost in the distraction of living.


But, they’re soothing,

these ripples of remembrance

that linger still.

It is always those little things,

like her first smile,

which change us forever.




21 June, 2014 - Posted by | Poetry |

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  1. after considering some of the criticisms directed at the original poem written on 09 June 2014, I decided to try something I almost never do with any of my poems — revise. Not sure if the changes work any better than the original, but …

    Comment by michael | 21 June, 2014 | Reply

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