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04 February 2015


I speak,


from regurgitation,

chewing and swallowing again,

like cows.


And yet,


is an essential part

of getting nourishment from life.

Smart cows.


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04 February 2015


My machete’s sharp.

I blazed trails, none existed

through my own jungle.


I jungled into

a deep, dark silence, and yet,

I never got lost.


Some explorers do,

some return changed, richer for

their experience.


Finding your way out

is often the beginning

of exploration.

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Ode to a Robin

04 February 2015


Ode to a Robin


An unmistakable song,

shadows seen, prove Winter’s strong,

six more weeks of hope deferred,

red-breasted faith, Spring’s assured.


Remembering how to sing,

join the choir living brings,

Death’s sting, O grave defeated,

joyful news, oft’ repeated.


Spark returns, a simple choice,

resurrect me Robin’s voice,

emerge from this empty tomb,

Life’s my Bride, and I, her Groom.


Three remain, the greatest still,

if lived, would all things fulfill,

I preach what I do not see,

by grace, by faith, I believe.


Like the Robin I will sing,

not of Winter, but of Spring,

of Tomorrow yet to be,

sing my soul, please sing to me.


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