Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


03 July 2015


Each hero embarks, the quest like a fire,

to answer the call, fulfill the desire,


Ambiguous meanings tease mysteries

with plans within plans, like tangents to seed.


Journey’s a process, uniquely designed,

dross from the gold, discarded, refined.


The Grail is the same, ‘though different for each,

learning is subtle, not so what we teach.


No followers unchanged, regardless who leads,

no ground left fallow, no Truth unreceived.


Be strong, take courage, so many before,

dared ask the questions, created the lore.


Each of our stories, the journeys we live,

enlarges the mysteries, and the myths.


Heroes are those who go and return,

changed by the journey, by what they have learned.


We still need heroes, there are debts we still owe,

to all those who went so we too might go.


My journey’s in words, but what will yours be?

Be someone’s hero, be yourself, simply be!



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