Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

for example, love

23 July 2015


Even the purest

must, necessarily, be

tainted by our flaws.



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I must forget

11 July 2015


I must forget, I scold myself severely,

yet, although I understand myself quite clearly,

I find that it is impossible to do.

The more I try, the more I think about you.

I have prayed through a litany of techniques,

old, tried and true, or fanciful and unique.

If only I might be absolved of this debt –

I must forget.


My mind, at times, seems so easy to distract,

my heart a bit more difficult to retract.

I simply cannot understand this at all,

it shouldn’t be this hard to erect a wall,

impenetrable, and never brought to mind,

let no thought of you ignore my Keep Out sign.

Perceive no choice, nor promulgate regret –

I must forget.



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