Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

of Tanelorn

07 September 2015


Clockwise, usually,

at least in this hemisphere

I inhabit,

I fear the physics of inevitability —

I am drained.


toothless vampires

gnaw at the meatless bones,

which tickles,

like an inside joke,

proving only how fragile,

is my soul.


empty me,

the undead, chained to impotence

by an insatiable hunger,

for one last chance

to do more than merely bark

at the mailman


So monstrously

unfulfilled myths within myths,

I long for a forever place,

night to Queen’sbishop’s seven,,

I resign,

seeking refuge from myself.


in momentary madness,

as the bugler sounds retreat,

I’m free

to die a prisoner

in this push button paradise

Amen, Father.




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